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It is currently one of the biggest promotional Afrobeats channel in the United Kingdom with over 30,320 subscribers and 6,802,822 views and growing fast.

AfroScene TV has announced its plans to provide the latest videos, events and industry news from the afrobeat music genre. Dedicated to becoming an industry source for the world’s top Afrobeats talent as well as the unsigned community, AfroScene is an effort to bring both awareness and further artist exposure inside this tightly knit genre.

Both the listening community and aspiring artists will have a platform on the website, and they encourage artists to get involved in the community as a means of promoting their own unique sound.

Whether you are new to the genre and looking to explore its musical offerings or a dedicated listener seeking a single solution for all your daily industry fix, Afroscene TV provides unparalleled coverage of all aspects of the genre. Never before has a site so fully and effectively covered the ins and outs of the unique musical impact of afrobeat.

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Flosha give me your love audio – iTunes Link –

Flosha give me your love audio – Music Link –
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Afro beats singer ‘Flosha’ Releases Official Single – ‘Give Me Your Love’

Flosha, renown UK based Nigeria/Cameroon Afro beats singer; today announces the release of her latest single – Give me your love.The song is already gaining popularity among the listeners and fans across the planet, and if experts in the industry are to be believed, the same is likely to continue in the times to come as well.

The release of her first single last year called ‘Only One’, which went viral owing to the rush from the public. Its publicity was vast and listeners over the globe has been anticipating for her next launch.
Although love songs are not new to her music lovers what seems to be capturing the attention of so many people is the singer’s ability to create unique music with such variety and versatility. And adding to her appeal, she looks really sexy and beautiful with so much promise and potential in the music industry
“I am in the process of doing a collaboration with some of best artist in this industry.” she stated

Listening to a new tune from the well talented upcoming Queen of Afrobeats is nothing short of a magical experience, as she sings this love song with such inspirational voice. This new song ‘Give me your love’ is simply a new sound that lovers can relate to, as it steers back the passion in their heart. With a theme well suited for valentines day, weddings, engagement, etc. you can’t afford not to listen to this piece this Valentine’s Day or to play it at your event.

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