New Nigerian music show case the best of Naija female artist omo 2 sexy justina.Best for love songs

“Nigerian music”: Justina Omo 2 Sexy

Nigerian singer/ songwriter releases debut video

Could this be the catchiest song to ever come out of Nigeria? Or Africa? What the hell, maybe even the world?? Omo 2 Sexy must certainly be a contender for the title. This super-infectious pop song is an ode to the sexy guys. With the track already on heavy rotation on Nigerian radio, the brand new colourful, fun video to go with it, is bound to make a household name of the emerging singer/ songwriter behind it: Justina.

Twenty-two year old Justina, one of Nigerias most promising new talents, started singing as a child (in church choirs amongst others). Her star qualities were first officially recognized when she came second place at the Nokia First Chance music competition in Nigeria in 2007. A newcomer to many people, Justina is an old pro when it comes to being a live performer: internationally, she has graced stages in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, UK and Kenya (in Switzerland she also fronts a covers band called The United Nations) and has developed into a charismatic, confident live performer who amazes audiences with her boundless energy and her creativity. Live and on record, her powerful and versatile voice perfectly compliments her music, a modern and original mix of RnB, Soul and hip-hop not forgetting a generous helping of Afro-pop.

In the autumn of 2008, Justina signed a management/ production deal with Mr Skillz aka JJC (Big Boyz Entertainment) and Ilka Schlockermann (ilkamedia), the team behind JJC & 419 Squad, the successful Afropean group whose hit songs included Gbao and Atide. Her forthcoming album, Oju Mi (My Eyes), is currently in the works.

Best of female for Nigerian Music

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